Sex-Ed has come a long way. Condoms on bananas have gone by the wayside — in favor of 'educating' students and teachers at an Oregon annual conference on how to engage in kinky cyber sex and using meth.

This annual meeting in the small, coastal town of Seaside, Oregon, has been met with controversy for years, but now KOIN 6 News reports the Oregon Department of Education has finally declared some of the materials shared with students and educators at the April meeting inappropriate. Including:

Image Credit: KOIN 6 News
KOIN 6 News

"Phone Sex

Text messages. Pictures.

Try it while being in the same room together.

Read erotic stories to each other.

3-Way Conversation."

And this:

Image Credit: KOIN 6 News
KOIN 6 News


Foot. Back. Neck.

Get Creative.

Use warming oils, feathers, and/or blindfolds to heighten senses."

But it's not inappropriate when an instructor reportedly takes conference goers —including students as young as 11 — to porn sites to 'educate' them?

sex conference naked girl

This is not inappropriate, either, according to the head of the Oregon Department of Education:

Image Credit: KOIN News

The state schools Superintendent Rob Saxton says visiting porn sites didn't actually happen at the conference:

I don’t believe there was anyone who took anyone to a cybersex site in the story you’re talking about. I think you have some audio that doesn’t show that. I think what you have is a presenter who is saying here are some negative websites that you wouldn’t want your child to go to.

But that's directly contradicted by a person who recorded the sessions:

[mga_video type="" id="Iy_Dx0U3G5M"]

A student, who told KOIN 6 News says the Superintendent is wrong:

It had nothing to do with, ‘Oh maybe this is not a good idea, don’t do it.’ It was all about here’s exactly how to do it and here’s some websites that you can go to and here’s the different kinds of sex toys you can use,” the student said. “It was nothing about warning people this is a bad idea or maybe not good for minors. It was all about how to do it, and there’s no confusing that fact.

The annual confab in Seaside even teaches kids to do things which could get them in trouble with the law.

According to attorney Bruce McCain, if students follow the teachings of the conference they might be found guilty of engaging in kiddie porn:

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The conference is so troubling, the local Sheriff has vowed to fight it.

Besides introducing students and educators to potential kiddie porn legal problems, reports an instructor also teaches how meth use can enhance sexual pleasure.

Despite the controversy, this year, the Oregon Education Department sponsored event is slated for April once again.