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Here are 8 flashbacks related to Hillary Clinton about emails or transparency that make her current scandal extremely ironic.

1. In a 2000 Video, Hillary Tells Donor That She Won't “Do Email” Because of Investigations

As reported by Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed, Hillary Clinton told one of her biggest campaign donors that she won't “do email.” She strikes a mortified tone about emails, just contemplating the subject:

Senator CLINTON: (From home video) As much as I’ve been investigated and all of that, you know, why would I—I don’t even want—why would I ever want to do e-mail?

Mr. PAUL: (From home video) No, no.

Senator CLINTON: (From home video) Can you imagine?

Yes, we can imagine. Transparency is part of being a public figure. Like, for example, a president.

2. In 2007, Hillary Clinton Complained About Bush Officials Using Secret Email Accounts

In 2007, Hillary Clinton gave the following stirring exhortation of needing to follow the Constitution:

“Our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts. It’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.”

As noted by Gateway Pundit, Hillary Clinton complained about the Bush administration having secret email accounts, and then “Two years later, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up a secret email account and secret servers in her basement for all of her official business.”

3. In 2012, the State Department Under Hillary Clinton Ousted an Ambassador for Using Private Email

The Weekly Standard reported that Scott Gration, the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, lost his post in part for using a private email account. According to a Foreign Policy article by Josh Rogin:

Very soon after the Ambassador’s arrival in May 2011, he broadcast his lack of confidence in the information management staff. Because the information management office could not change the Department’s policy for handling Sensitive But Unclassified material, he assumed charge of the mission’s information management operations. He ordered a commercial Internet connection installed in his embassy office bathroom so he could work there on a laptop not connected to the Department email system. He drafted and distributed a mission policy authorizing himself and other mission personnel to use commercial email for daily communication of official government business. During the inspection, the Ambassador continued to use commercial email for official government business.

That... would be pretty much the same thing that Hillary Clinton did.

4. In 2013, Hillary Clinton's emails to adviser Sidney Blumenthal are hacked by “Guccifer”

Clinton email sampler_0
Zero Hedge

Both Hillary Clinton and her adviser Sidney Blumenthal were using private email addresses when their communications were hacked by “Guccifer” - an infamous Romanian hacker.

As can be seen from the email sample image above via Zero Hedge, on issues ranging from Libya security to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), not all of the correspondence was about well-wishes and Valentine's Day greetings.

5. In 2011, The White House Reassures the Public That All Government Emails are Being  Sent on “Work Email” Accounts

The Washington Free Beacon reports that former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reassured the public that all government communications were being carried out on official emails:

 “The administration policy that is effective here is that we–all of our work is conducted on work email accounts; that’s part of the Presidential Records Act.”

Apparently, some public officials are above the Presidential Records Act.

6. In 2009, Hillary Clinton Team Warned About Private Email System, Ignored State Department Technology Experts

In January 2009, when she was testifying to become Secretary of State, that very week she registered her private clintonemail.com domain name. Hillary Clinton's team was warned by the State Department's technology experts about using the private email system, but her political advisers ignored them. As reported by Al Jazeera America:

State Department technology experts expressed security concerns that then–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private email service rather than the government’s fortified and monitored system, but those fears fell on deaf ears, a current employee on the department’s cybersecurity team told Al Jazeera America on Tuesday.

The employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing his job, said it was well known that Clinton’s emails were at greater risk of being hacked, intercepted or monitored, but the warnings were ignored.

“We tried,” the employee said. “We told people in her office that it wasn’t a good idea. They were so uninterested that I doubt the secretary was ever informed.”

That's responsible and transparent?

7. In 2013, Hillary Clinton Touts Her Record of Transparency Before a Senate Hearing on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack

On January 23, 2013, Hillary Clinton said the following in testimony before the U.S. Senate on the terrorist attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11/2012: “We’ve been as transparent as we can” and “I believe in transparency.”

A former State Department official claims that documents were “knowingly and willingly” destroyed following the Benghazi, Libya, terrorist attack on Hillary Clinton’s watch - which would be a felony offense.

8. In 2008, Hillary Clinton Boasted About Being One of the Most Transparent Public Figures

After the release of the Clinton Papers from her time as First Lady, Mrs. Clinton spoke at City Hall in Philadelphia in 2008.

“I think I'm probably the most transparent person in public life,” she bragged. No comment.

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