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Many airline passengers worry about being 'groped' by TSA. However, some media outlets are reporting that a sexual assault could occur well after you pass through security.

For example, it made headlines last year when a man “barged into” a restroom on Japan Airlines Flight 791, and attempted to undress a woman while exposing himself.

And, according to ABC News, this kind of encounter isn't unusual:

A sexual or physical assault on a flight happens each week in the New York area alone, according to the FBI. Sexual assaults are more likely to occur on overnight flights, authorities said.

“We’ve seen it often where the victim has taken some kind of anxiety medication, and they’re not responsive,” FBI agent Mark Palagiano said.

NBC Washington recently found that:

“...No federal agency is maintaining data or statistics showing the frequency of sex assaults on airplanes.”

So what should a person do if they are sexually assaulted on a flight? Recent victim Dana LaRue advises against responding the way she did:

“I knew in my head I should scream, I should yell, I should do something, but I couldn’t get my body to react,” LaRue said.

LaRue did not report her case to the flight crew during her flight, a regret that has led her to become an advocate for victimized passengers.

“I advise anyone who finds themselves in that situation to make a huge scene. Don’t be afraid,” she said.

Two months ago, when an Indian girl featured in the video below was groped on her Mumbai flight, it would appear she followed LaRue's advice:

The man accused of the reported in-flight molestation was arrested and taken into custody after the incident.

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