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While in Keene, New Hampshire, for a campaign stop on Monday, Hillary Clinton's communications director confirmed they have been using pre-screened “everyday Americans” for their campaign stops.

According to the Daily Mail:

"While Clinton held court with three Granite Staters and their pastries, her communications director Jennifer Palmieri explained the unfolding scene.

Asked whether the campaign had brought any of the customers with them, Palmieri said, 'I think maybe some of them, but I don't know.'

New Hampshire's WMUR-TV later reported that two of the people Clinton spoke with had been asked to come."

Palmieri went on to say that recruiting Democrats for early campaign stops is essential to building a solid, Clinton base in early caucus and primary states:

"We have to go after Democrats before we do anything else. And in Iowa? Especially in Iowa, and New Hampshire.

..People were asked to come to a meeting at a coffee house."

Maybe it was a good thing the campaign brought in pro-Clinton voters to the Keene coffee shop stop, since not every employee was a Clinton fan. Marcia DuBois told the Daily Mail:

“A few of the staff didn't want to come out to meet Hillary. They just don't like her.”

The Clinton campaign received a fair amount of scrutiny last week, after it was revealed that the “everyday Iowans” at a campaign stop in LeClaire, IA, were actually vetted Democratic operatives.

Of the three people vetted for the coffee shop stop in LeClaire, one had previously interned for Obama and chauffeured Vice President Biden, another was a College Democrats chapter president, and the third was a Planned Parenthood employee.

Clinton's effort to appear as a candidate “for the people” hasn't been as believable as the campaign might have hoped. Aside from the staged campaign stops, even the people who appeared in the campaign announcement video had previous ties to Clinton.

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