Libby, a stray pit bull-mix found in Houston, Texas, is lucky to be alive. Due to the aggressive characteristics often seen in pit bulls, she and her siblings found their way on an animal shelter's euthanization list.

However, Libby was taken in by Marcia Piotter, who is part of an animal rescue team:

Piotter told the Houston Chronicle:

“Libby was a little different from the dogs that I normally pick for rescue. She was more exuberant and played hard. I would call her high energy.”

Piotter came across Brad Croft, who saw similar characteristics in Libby and offered to bring her into his K9 program. Another supporter, Debra Guajardo, paid for the training expenses:

"'Typically dogs imported form the Czech Republic, Germany and Holland can cost from $10,000 to $15,000 each when groomed and trained,' Croft said.

But shelter dogs can be found with the same talents and instincts as these purebreds and are a much cheaper solution, he said."

Libby thrived and became known as a “rock star” in training. Now, she is set to join the narcotics unit in the same city where she barely survived:

Because Libby’s promising future in fighting crime, a new program has been created to allow more rescued pit bulls to train with Croft.

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