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There's a new wrinkle to the emails Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department.

On Friday, the department released 300 of the 30,000 emails the former Secretary of State turned over from her private email server.

The State Department teased the news by claiming that there would be no big news found in the email:

But among them, apparently, were details on Benghazi that were considered so sensitive as to now be classified.

The Associated Press laid out the details:

The email in question, forwarded to Clinton by her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan, relates to reports of arrests in Libya of possible suspects in the attack.

The information was not classified at the time the email was sent but was upgraded from “unclassified” to “secret” on Friday at the request of the FBI, according to State Department officials. They said 23 words of the Nov. 18, 2012, message were redacted from the day's release of 296 emails totaling 896 pages to protect information that could damage foreign relations.

Because the information was not classified at the time the email was sent, no laws were violated, but Friday's redaction shows that Clinton received sensitive information on her unsecured personal server.

The Clinton campaign quickly fired back at the news, reminding people that it was just recently classified:

The emails also contained redactions that will require further investigation.

IJReview will be updating this story as we know more.

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