Corporal Todd Love, a native of Georgia, became the third generation in his family to become a Marine when he joined the service immediately after high school.

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Todd Love/Facebook

He was assigned to B Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

Credit: Todd Love/Facebook
Todd Love/Facebook

Five months into his deployment while on patrol in Sangin, Helmand Province, Todd stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) and was transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Todd Love/Facebook

The resulting injury cost him both of his legs and part of his left arm.

Todd Love/Facebook

Despite the extent of his injuries, and a very long road to recovery, Todd has never let anything hold him back from getting 110% out of life.

Exactly what does 110% look like?

Todd Love/Facebook

He whitewater kayaks.

CBS News

He skis.

Todd Love/Facebook

He free falls at 30K feet.

Niklas Daniel

He wrestles an Alligator.

Todd Love/Facebook

He has fun joking around with ladies.

Todd Love/Facebook

Aim. Shoot.

Credit: Todd Love/Faceboo
Todd Love/Facebook

Though the rifle seems a bit larger now.

Credit: Todd Love/Facebook
Todd Love/Facebook

Todd can balance his entire body on a dumbbell, using one hand and a prosthetic.

Todd Love/Facebook

Todd competes in grueling Spartan Races.


Where he climbs 20 foot barriers. 

Todd Love Wall Climbing 2

In the elements. 

todd climbing wall

With his team.

todd team hill

And like a good Marine, he always finishes the race.


Such determination has served as an inspiration to not only other wounded warriors, but to other military service members and civilians around the globe.

Todd describes his passion to inspire others this way:

I want to encourage others to uplift those around them. I might not be able to carry anybody physically but I want to return the favor by simply sharing my story to inspire people.

Todd still proudly wears his uniform.

Todd Love/Facebook

And has even inspired his own meme.

invalid excuse todd

Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi, Todd.