The students of Ella Baker School in New York City are about to face a hard decision when it comes to the fate of their classroom pet, a tilapia named Pablo.

According to CBS, teacher Michael Paoli bought five of the fish for the children to have as class pets on a field trip to Chinatown, but four of those died—leaving Pablo all by himself.

Now the children must decide whether or not they should eat the 13-inch fish.

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The class has since been locked in a serious debate. Paoli thinks this is a good lesson, though:

“It would show that their voice matters. Their voice dictates what we do in this classroom.”

Opinions varied among the potential fish-fryers. Many want Pablo to live:

“He makes the room feel alive when everyone's just there doing their work.”

“Since I put him in the tank he's like, my own little child. Just because he's a fish doesn't mean he doesn't have a life.”

Others are ready for a taste of tilapia:

“What is the point of us doing all this work raising him to plate size and just deciding to let him live?”

According to a few of the students, Pablo “doesn't seem that healthy” because his scales are falling off. Killing the tilapia would be merciful, in a way:

'He's uncomfortable in the tank. It's basically torture. He doesn't look happy in there. I think we should put him out of his misery.'

If the students decide not to put Pablo down on Wednesday, he'll be donated to a farm in Brooklyn.

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