Less than a week ago, actor Tom Selleck was sued by the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, California, for allegedly sending giant tanker trucks to a fire hydrant and illegally hauling water back to his 60-acre ranch in Westlake Village:

However, after the district hired a private investigator to look into Selleck's water usage, it has been confirmed that the “Magnum, P.I.” star paid for his water.

According to ABC News, it turns out that a construction company Selleck worked with actually paid a fee to secure the rights to draw water from the city hydrant two years ago, according to Jay Spurgin, public works director for Thousand Oaks:

“There was water used during that time, and it was paid for.”

The deal allows these companies to haul as much water as they want for special projects. They can then sell the water to a third party, as long as that party pays their monthly service charge and water bills.

It's unclear whether Selleck purchased the water from that company or another source, but it is clear the “Blue Bloods” star did nothing illegal.

It was also reported that the water district spent nearly $22,000 for a private detective to investigate the seemingly slippery situation.

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