Donald Trump has always been known to say exactly what he thinks, something that's been both a blessing and a curse to him.

Lately, his comments on have brought him some backlash, and this telephone exchange on “Morning Joe” is no different.

The MSNBC host asks him about his prior comments that the economy 'does better under Democrats,' and if that's true, she inquired, 'why isn't he running as a Democrat'?

The key part of his response:

I was never a Bush fan, I will tell you...When the economy crashed so horribly under George Bush because of mistakes they made with banking and lots of other things, I don't think the Democrats would have done that.

I hated what I was watching in the last two years of George Bush because it was a bubble that was waiting to explode... I told them it was waiting to explode. But what they were doing was a death wish.

Nevertheless, Trump is leading the GOP field now, with 28 percent to Jeb Bush's 14 percent.