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President Barack Obama fully embraced his Kenyan heritage Sunday, telling a packed crowd in Nairobi that he's proud to be a Kenyan-American.

The leader of the free world, who just a day earlier slighted the African nation over its strict LGBT policies, announced:

“I am proud to be the first American president to come to Kenya. And of course I’m the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States."

According to The Los Angeles Times, aides to the President confirmed that this is the first time Obama has publicly referred to himself as “Kenyan-American.”

Obama filled his speeches over the last three days with humorous references to his Kenyan family and Swahili phrases. He also reminded the Kenyan people that he was visiting their country in his capacity as a U.S. president on a diplomacy mission to an African nation, and not as a native son:

The President has made three trips to Kenya throughout his life, but this is the first visit he has made since taking office in 2009. The LA Times noted that Obama avoided visiting Kenya during his other trips to Africa so it wouldn't seem like he was playing favorites with his father's homeland.

In the past, some of the President's political opponents, including 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, have accused the President of being secretly born in the African nation. Those accusations were false.

To his credit, Obama joked about the “birther” charges during a speech at a state dinner being held in his honor Saturday night:

Visiting the Kenyan capital of Nairobi was, as the LA Times put it, a “festive homecoming of sorts” for the President:

“His half-sister, Auma Obama, organized a dinner with several dozen distant relatives who drove in from faraway villages. At a news conference Saturday, Obama joked about the 'need to manage family politics sometimes,' and noted that upon meeting some relatives for the first time, 'there were lengthy explanations, in some cases, of the connections'.”

Obama will visit Ethiopia before returning stateside Monday evening.

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