Eighteen-year-old Caleb Martin was driving home from his shift at McDonald's earlier this year in Pegram, Tennessee, when he saw a woman in the road. Then he saw a car swerving, which he thought was a drunk driver.

That's when he realized the car was actually aimed at the woman.

Instinct kicked in and Caleb drove straight at the scene to shield the woman, who was already pinned against the guard rail. Caleb honked, and the man immediately drove off. He then called 911.

“It was horrifying,” he tells WKRN.

When he saw the woman, he noticed the situation was much, much worse. Twenty-eight-year-old Jenna Newman had been shot twice.

He threw open the door for Newman, and rushed her to his grandmother's house to wait for paramedics.

She kept saying, “I was sent from heaven to save her,” he says to WKRN.

Thanks to Martin's incredible feat of bravery, Newman was eventually released from the hospital. The man who harmed her was later found in a park, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, in Newman's car.

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