A Kansas Taco Bell employee has been fired for writing an epithet against a cop on his drive-through burrito order.

KAKE-TV reports the Newton officer's fiancée took a photo of the affront — the word 'pig' — and posted it on Facebook:

She also says the employee and store manager mocked the incident on her Facebook page.

But the Newton Police Department says the manager told them she was horrified by the incident:

The message reads:

There is a photo depicting a derogatory term written on the food wrappers of one of our officers who stopped in to our local Taco Bell to pick up dinner for himself and his fiance [sic] last night. That photo was posted to social media by a person who is not connected with the Newton Police Department. The photo has gone viral causing strong emotions to be voiced in opposition to one of our local businesses. We do not support this sentiment.

The store manager is terribly apologetic of the actions of her employee and assures us the situation is being handled appropriately. A meeting this morning with the Senior Director of Operations yielded positive results, and we are actively working to develop a partnership with Taco Bell to host a community event in the near future. Details will be announced when available.

We understand the incident was the action of an individual, and do not hold ill will to Taco Bell or any of its employees (even the individual who wrote the message). We look forward to a long partnership with this local business, and sincerely hope this negative experience can be a catalyst for positive change.

The incident also captured the attention of a special group of women, who called it “disgusting:”

Meanwhile, Robin Block, the woman who posted the image, has an alternative message for police officers on her Facebook page:

Image Credit: Facebook

Fox News reports that Taco Bell's Senior Director of Operations Jeff Graves quickly responded to the situation:

We do not share the same belief or view as the employee whatsoever. Our company, Taco Bell, has always been pro-law enforcement, military. We’ve always supported the police in our community. Many of our restaurants give police discounts when they come in and eat.

Graves added that the employee has been fired.

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