The Lattin family in Whitney, Texas, wanted to show their support for the law enforcement community.

So they painted “Police Lives Matter” in shoe polish on their pickup truck's back window and put blue ribbons on the fence surrounding their yard.


But on Tuesday, the Lattins woke up to find that their truck had been vandalized.


In addition to the spray paint, the vehicle's body was scratched, the interior was trashed, and some items were stolen from the glove compartment.


And the hashtag #FYF (“F**k your face!”) was painted on their tailgate.


Mr. Lattin, who is a veteran and has a disability, says that the family's only vehicle was totaled because of the vandalism. He has a message for people who may not agree with the sentiment on his truck:

“Engage me in a dialogue. Don't destroy my stuff. This is the only truck we have.”

Lattin's 18-year-old son Jason, who wants to become a police officer someday, also told KDFW-TV:

“We'll always be proud of the law enforcement. What happened here today won't stop us.”

Police have not apprehended the suspects, though they believe the act was carried out by minors.