Back in May, there was a grisly story in Maryland about a mother who was found pushing her dead child on a park swing. Authorities believed that she had been doing that for 44 hours before she was discovered.

On Saturday, 24-year old Romechia Simms was arrested, then on Monday was indicted on charges of manslaughter, child neglect, and first-degree child abuse. Simms is being held on a $150,000 bond.

Prosecutors say that Simms brought her three-year old son, Ji'Aire Donnell Lee, to a park just outside of La Plata on the morning of May 20. Police responded to a call on May 22 and found the deceased child in the swing.


A coroner later reported that the boy had died from hypothermia and dehydration. There were no signs of visible trauma on his body.

Simms' mother, Vontasha Simms, was upset by the charges, telling the Washington Post:

“I feel like those are totally the wrong charges. I don’t understand how you’re going to charge someone who was mentally incompetent.”

Romechia Simms reportedly did battle mental illness and had suffered a mental breakdown in February. Her mother claims that her daughter has been seeking treatment at mental health facilities since the death of Ji'Aire.

Image credit: Screenshot/Twitter

Simms has a history of custody battles with the boy's father, James “Donnell” Lee, as well as previous incidents of alleged domestic disputes with her mother.

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