Tim Tebow TX Gov

At one point, he was one of the hottest names in professional football.

When the Philadelphia Eagles cut Tim Tebow from their roster in early September, however, it left some wondering if the Heisman winner would ever play another down in an NFL game.

Well, if Texas Governor Greg Abbott gets his way, Tebow may be getting that chance sooner than anyone expected. Abbot posted his suggestion to Twitter on Sunday after the Dallas Cowboys' game:

Abbott - who's known to post regularly about the Cowboys on his personal Twitter feed - made the request after Dallas quarterback Tony Romo suffered an on-field injury.

Romo will reportedly miss eight weeks of the season as he recovers.

Fans were quick to react to Abbott's tweet, with some totally on board with the governor's suggestion:

While others were not quite as excited about the idea:

Whether Dallas decides to pick up the free agent or not, Tebow can be seen at events for his organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation:

The nonprofit seeks to “bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

He can also be seen on TV as a college football analyst for the SEC Network.

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