Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently stopped by Jacksonville, Florida, for a campaign rally.

While many in the media reported on Trump's comments about Seventh-Day Adventist Ben Carson:

And Trump himself highlighted the packed audience at Jacksonville Landing:

An aerial shot of Jacksonville crowd yesterday! I may as well show you because the media won't.

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

We decided to talk to the people in the crowd.

After meeting some colorful characters, such as this fellow:

Emily Hulsey for

We asked attendees this question:

“What do you feel the media is overlooking about Donald Trump?”

Here are the answers we received:


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“He's just willing to take the bull by the horns and get [it] done.” - Anna

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“His business sense and his honesty...and he doesn't owe anybody anything.”

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“He did everything himself to get where he is...People should look at him as someone who can actually do things.” - Beth

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“He's a good father. Look at the children he's produced.” - Scott

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“He's not in somebody else's back pocket.” - Rick

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“The fact that he's not a politician.”

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“His ability to get things done no matter what it is.” - Jennifer (left)

“I think he does a good job on his own putting out his message, so I don't think he needs the media.” - Diana (right)

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“The way he would get us back out of debt and run the country with a budget that can be met.” - James

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“There's more to politics than how nice of a person you are...” - Maya (left)

“He's great at running a business, and if he could bring that a little bit to the country, that would be something positive he could do.” - Alex (center)

“We're not saying we necessarily support him or his personal beliefs, but trying to figure out what his beliefs are.” - Brianna (right)

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“He's positive about America.” - Rebecca

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“He's always America-focused. He's always thinking about us as a nation, which I haven't heard any other candidate do.” - Jason

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“He's a winner.”

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“Almost's like they're not even paying attention to what he has to say.” - Sharon

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“What they should be looking at is us.” - Jim, veteran and Purple Heart recipient

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Jim spoke further on how he feels about the media's reporting on Trump:

“The keep dismissing us - the Trump people - like we're crazy...They're overlooking the positive force of all of us. They can keep on dismissing me if they want, but we'll be laughing all the way when Trump is there taking the oath.”

His parting words? “To heck with the detractors.”

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