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On Saturday, 43 Chipotle restaurants in Oregon and Washington closed their doors.

The reason behind its decision: There have been nineteen recent cases of Ecoli tied back to eating at the Mexican-themed restaurant.

In addition, some of the cases have been quite severe.

NBC News reports:

Nineteen E. coli cases in Washington and three in Oregon have been connected to Chipotle, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

“While the outbreak appears to be linked to food served at Chipotle restaurants, the food or other source of contamination hasn't yet been determined and remains under investigation,” the department said.

Eight of those who got sick were hospitalized, the department said. No one has died as a result of the outbreak.

Here's a picture of the notice Chipotle posted about closures:

Since the outbreak, Chipotle has offered its “deepest sympathies” for those who caught Ecoli.

It’s possible that more cases of E. Coli will emerge, as the incubation period for the bacteria can be anywhere from one to ten days.

We can only hope things are figured out soon enough so business can continue as usual.

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