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There's nasty, horrible, ill considered trolling on social media and then there's artful social media satire. Televangelist Joel Osteen, revered by many and criticized by others for his lavish lifestyle, has been forced to confront it all.

Over at Osteen's Facebook page, a man calling himself “Joel Oldsteen” was trolling the real pastor's page and offered up bizarre responses to needy people seeking prayer.

Before the parody “Oldsteen” page was taken down, the Somecards website captured the top exchanges between Osteen's 'prosperity gospel' followers and the fake guy:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Somecards

The Houston Chronicle reports that the comments got progressively snarkier from there:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Somecards

The fake Osteen, comedian Ben Palmer, proudly cross posted his top trolls over at his personal page.

“Oldsteen” was quite critical of Osteen's financially lucrative occupation:

“Oldsteen” doesn't like his books, either:

Eventually, someone notified the real Osteen that something hinky was going on:

Palmer also appears to be a professional prankster. In addition to the Osteen trolling, Palmer says he posed as a “Huffington Post” reporter and interviewed politicians.

Osteen's assistant says that when you reach a certain level of fame, stuff like this will happen. The televangelist is said to be worth about $40 million.

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