The Mall of America sought to take progressive action against Black Lives Matter this year in order to prevent any shopping-deterrent protests by filing a restraining order against some of the group's leaders.

The limited restraining orders did not deter others from protesting at America's largest mall, near Minneapolis, MN. Those who were in attendance were greeted by press, police, and signs ordering any protesters to leave:

And there were many in attendance:

Reports indicate that several protesters have been detained at the mall:

Police also formed a human barricade after escorting out those who were protesting:

The block out continued into the rail station:

The group then moved its protests to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport:

Reports there indicate that at least two more protesters have been detained:

Protests have been reinvigorated following the death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark, who died following an officer-involved shooting in Minneapolis on November 15th.