The tragedy of 29-year-old country singer Craig Strickland is still ongoing.

As you may have read, Strickland went out hunting with his friend Chase Morland and ran into deadly Winter Storm Goliath.

Since then, the Oklahoma resident has been missing, and his friend, Morland, was found dead in a capsized boat.

Authorities are still searching for Strickland, and family is holding on to hope that there may be a happy ending to this story.

In the meantime. Helen Strickland, the singer's wife, took to Twitter to reveal a heartbreaking action taken by the family dog.

Sam, the a 9-year-old labrador, went on the hunting trip with the duo and, presumably, suffered through the same storm.

He was found alive, however, next to the body of Chase Morland.

He never left Morland's body, suffering through the weather for hours after whatever accident capsized the boat.

The search continues for Strickland, though weather has made it a slow process.