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14 Candid Pictures of Presidential Candidates In Their Teens

At one point, all of the 13 remaining presidential candidates went to high school. We managed to find a picture of each of them – and no, this is not archive footage from ‘The Wonder Years.’

Jeb Bush playing tennis.

jeb 1

Image Credit: Phillips Academy


Ben Carson smiling jovially.

carson 1

Image Credit: weebly.com


Chris Christie auditioning for a Wham! music video.

christie 1

Image Credit: GovChristie instagram


Hillary Clinton with the National Honor Society.

hillary 1

Image Credit: thatericalper.com


Ted Cruz with the Rotary Club.

cruz 1

Image Credit: medium.com


Carly Fiorina smiling.

carly 2

Image Credit: nytimes.com


Mike Huckabee showing off sideburns.

huckabee 1

Image Credit: classmates.com


John Kasich meeting President Nixon.

kasich 1

Image Credit: National Journal


Martin O’Malley smoldering.

o'malley 1

Image Credit: ebay.com


Rand Paul dissecting a cat.

randy 1

Image Credit: BuzzFeed


Marco Rubio wearing his jersey.

rubio 1

Image Credit: neoneocon.com


Bernie Sanders beating someone named Lou Howort in a race.

bernie 1

Image Credit: Lou Howort


Rick Santorum posing with the color guard.

santorum 1

Image Credit: classmates.com


Donald Trump being a ladies’ man.

trump 1

Image Credit: NYMA


All together now!

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Update: This article was edited to include Dr. Carson after confirming his photo was from high school.

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