Supreme Court Justice Antontin Scalia died Saturday while on a hunting trip in Texas.

He was 79, a pioneer of conservative thought on the Court, and will be forever remembered for his acerbic wit and legendary quotes.

Now with Republicans both in the presidential race and the Senate saying they'll stall until 2017 to allow a new Justice to be seated on the court, the question is here: Which candidate do Republicans trust the most to name Scalia's successor?

The answer, according to an Independent Journal Review poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys, is Ted Cruz, trailed by Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

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The poll was conducted nationwide among 1,554 likely Republican voters who watched the CBS News GOP debate on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Scalia's name came up at the start of the debate, with a moment of silence for the conservative titan:

Now the question that is surely on everyone's mind: Will the added stakes of replacing the most important judicial conservative of the 21st century move Republican votes, or will the election proceed along the same lines as before Scalia's death?

South Carolina goes to the polls on Feb. 20.