In the midst of the ongoing gun control battle, strict gun regulator New York City finds itself proving that violence and guns do not always go hand in hand. It's worth noting that the city's gun regulations are even more strict than that of New York state.

But mid-way into February, New York City has already broken its 2015 record of 395 stabbings/slashings, with 471 victims so far this year.

This is despite the increased patrols by NYPD.

The damage to victims has consisted of face slashings and sometimes other things such as being knocked to the ground, being kicked, robbery and for one man, partial facial paralysis due to the damage to facial nerves.


Some arrests have been made:

But that has not put an end to the problem.

Some subway-goers have taken a pro-active approach to the situation, dressing carefully for their outing:

For others, there may be some safety offered by the Guardian Angels.

The 35-year-old safety patrol organization has taken to the streets again:

The group's purpose, as explained on their website, is to “teach communities and schools to take control and responsibility of both their environment and their lives. Now their community is global as they reach citizens around the world.”

Still, others are learning ways to protect themselves:

And it's not just the open city that has seen a spike in stabbings and slashings. Riker's Island and other city jails have also seen an uptick of 49 percent in 2015.

This is despite the millions poured into the system and Mayor Bill DeBlasio's claims of “making progress.”

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