Many colleges have been petitioned in recent years, through student protests and petitions, to create “safe spaces” for minority populations. “Safe Spaces” have become the norm for female students, African American students, LGBT students and other groups.

And now, thanks to an extension available on Google Chrome, internet users one step closer to having a “safe space,” protected from language that they find offensive.

The extension, created by an anonymous activist in collaboration with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund, is called “Choice Language” and edits every page to change the phrase “pro-life” to “anti-choice.”

Andrea Miller, the President of the NIRH, explained:

"We thought it was a really interesting and creative idea. The language in this discussion really matters.

If you state that something is pro-life, then the opposite of that is obviously quite demonizing. It’s incredibly loaded, especially when it's applied to legislation that ultimately serves to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care.

These laws are undermining the ability for people to make decisions about their family, their parenting, their health care, their future — and we believe that allowing people to make those decisions is about respecting their life."

“Choice Language” was made available to Google Chrome users this week.