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True to his word, Senator Marco Rubio has released his tax returns.

In a post on the campaign's website, income and tax information is available for tax years 2000 -2009 and returns for 2010 - 2014, along with a comparison of the income tax rate paid by the Rubio's versus the rates paid by taxpayers with similar earnings:

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During Thursday's CNN Republican debate, Senator Rubio stated that he would be releasing his tax information within days.

His promise came as a result of discussion about the fact that Donald Trump has yet to release tax information, and Trump's explanation that he could not do so because he was being audited.

Alex Conant, a spokesman for the Rubio campaign, told the Associated Press:

“We're putting these out today to put pressure on Trump and the other candidates to release theirs.”

“To the extent there are additional questions about Marco, we won't rule out providing more information in the future.”

Senator Ted Cruz had also said during the debate that he would be releasing his tax returns on Friday. The campaign missed that deadline, but a spokeswoman told AP:

“We are pulling them together.”

“They will be released. These things take time.”

According to an Independent Journal Review poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys, 61% of Republicans surveyed believe that Trump should release his returns.

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