Thousands of people are calling for the arrest of former president Bill Clinton.

Nearly 100,000 people have signed a petition  alleging that Clinton has been attending stump speeches for his wife near polling locations, which violates election regulations.

The petition, which was started by supporters of Bernie Sanders, notes that Clinton violated the ruling by appearing within 150-feet of a polling center on 2 separate occasions in Massachusetts.

Sanders supporters have even suggested Clinton actually blocked the polling location, thus making it difficult for people to vote.

The text of the petition lays it all out there:

"This is a call for the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and egregious violation of the campaign laws to swing an election in a significant way.

It could not be any clearer in the Massachusetts General Laws."

“Although the spokesperson for Bill Clinton denies that he was ever inside a polling place, photos and video show him clearly greeting and talking up election workers inside.”

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts by just 1 percent.