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The 2016 presidential election season has brought at least one thing in common to all of the leading candidates: protesters.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have seen their events and rallies disrupted by vocal protesters, as have leading Republican candidates. But, as the GOP race heats up, a striking difference between the current top two Republicans in how those protesters are acknowledged has become apparent.

During a recent Trump rally in Vermont, protesters who interrupted the event were ordered “thrown out into the cold” without coats:

And the protests have only escalated during Trump's campaign stops in the last few weeks.

But, when confronted with a protester, Ted Cruz calmed supporters, saying that they should be respectful. He also took the opportunity to make the contrast of how he deals with protestors compared with Trump:

While the candidates' methods of handling protesters may not impact votes, Trump and his supporters' growing reputation for giving protesters no quarter is both making headlines and his stops on the campaign trail eventful.

A campaign event Saturday in Arizona resulted in protesters shutting down the interstate, and an anti-trump march in New York led to arrests when some protesters showed hostility toward police.

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