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The People Are Loudly Clamoring for One Republican Actor to Save America This Election Cycle

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As a growing number of Americans grow disillusioned with the major Democrat and Republican candidates, they are beginning to hope for a 3rd party candidate that represents their values to step in.

To that end, there’s a new movement calling on one man to step up and bring together these divided Americans in a way that current two-party candidates haven’t been able to, and that man is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Keeping in mind that figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura have certainly set precedent for action stars and former professional wrestlers to enter the political arena, here are some of the most compelling reasons to vote Dwayne for President.

He has cross-party appeal:

While Johnson is a long-time registered Republican, and was even invited to speak at the Republican convention in 2000, he’s attended the Democratic convention, as well.

He respects, and is respected by, both the military and law enforcement:

He’s a family man:

He’s successfully managed a hectic and busy schedule for years:

He’s no stranger to hard work:

Rising from very humble beginnings to international stardom, he’s lived the American Dream:

Funny how things come back full circle. When I was 14 me and family were evicted from our 1 bedroom efficiency and forced to leave the state of Hawaii. At that time I made a promise to myself to do everything I could to work extremely hard to make sure we never see another eviction notice again. The only action I could take as a 14yr old punk kid was go straight to the YMCA and hit the iron. At that time all my heroes were big strong dudes who were successful – Eastwood, Arnold, NFL players and Pro Wrestling icons. That's why it was so cool for me to go back to the YMCA this past week, train like an animal and remember where it all started for me. Funny thing I realized as I was training that I still wake up every morning at 4am to train with the mindset that "the wolf is always scratchin' at my door" and that f*cker is delivering another eviction notice. One day I'll get the proper psychiatric therapy I need ;), but until then let's always be hungry, humble and always be the hardest workers in the room. #WolfIsAlwaysScratchin #ButNotAt4am

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He’s got a heart of gold:

Not to mention there’s certainly one fan base — made up of 650 million homes in 130 countries — that would almost certainly stand behind The Rock:

An electric and unforgettable night. #ThankYouWWEUniverse #1Luv #PeoplesChamp4L #Miami

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It’s not the first time The Rock has been called on to serve his country as president either. In the 2000 elections, The Rock’s name was floated for the top U.S. political job as well.

Even if the odds are not in his favor this election cycle, he might be an attractive alternative for many Americans if Kanye West keeps his word and runs in 2020.

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