Donald Trump Holds NY Election Night Event At Trump Tower
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GOP delegate frontrunner Donald Trump had one of his biggest nights of the Republican primary on Tuesday, winning 60.5% of the vote in New York state and at least 89 of the 95 delegates up for grabs.

Incidentally, the one place where the billionaire businessman did not win might carry a rather personal sting.

Unofficial results show that Ohio Governor John Kasich beat Trump in New York County (Manhattan), the state's third most-populous county and the one where he has lived nearly all of his life.

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A further look at the Congressional districts that make up New York County, however, prove to be even more disappointing for Trump - as they show that he came in second place, albeit it by just a handful of votes, to Kasich in New York's 12th Congressional District.

The 12th Congressional District, which is currently represented in Congress by Democrat Carolyn Maloney, consists of the Upper East Side, Gramercy Park and parts of the East Village.

But it is also the district where the building located at 725 5th Ave resides - one more commonly known as:

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump did win the individual precinct where Trump Tower is located, 23 votes to 13, but it is unknown how many of those votes came from the 238-unit building itself.

Winning King County - and the 12th District - was always going to be an uphill battle for the billionaire businessman.

The average yearly income for its residents is $75,000, far and above the highest in the United States. In addition, voters in the district are known to write large donations to candidates and super PACS - something that the self-funding Trump has campaigned heavily against throughout his campaign.

Kasich, a moderate Republican, has spent the last few weeks fiercely campaigning for votes the Big Apple in large part by eating his way through the city's five boroughs.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, on the other hand, dug himself a large hole that he could never quite climb out of in the Empire State with his comments about “New York values.”

Every victory comes with a price, and for Trump, it appears that this was his.

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