At a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California Thursday night, some protesters weren't willing to hash out political differences with words, so they used violence instead.

It was pretty intense.

Here are the 11 most violent things that happened at the rally.

1. A big fight on the sidewalk:

2. A woman had eggs and bottles thrown at her:

3. The American flag was set on fire:

4. Protesters fought with police:

5. This Trump supporter was left bleeding:

6. 911 calls were reportedly not returned after this guy was assaulted:

7. A kid was trying to run away but got tackled instead:

8. This altercation got awfully close to some children:

9. Police had to intervene when protesters confronted some minorities who support Trump:

10. A Trump supporter's hat was set on fire:

11. Protesters wouldn't back off this supporter of 'The Donald':

Independent Journal Review originally reported that:

Previously, Trump has called his rallies the “safest place you can be,” despite routine displays of violence by agitators, supporters, and members of his own Secret Service detail.

And Thursday’s event in San Jose was one the most violent yet, this time perpetrated by anti-Trump demonstrators.

Here are even more instances of violence that occurred:

By Friday morning, Trump had commented on one of the incidents:

Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidate is continuing to campaign in California.

Editor's Note: This article was updated after publication.

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