Like many brides-to-be, prior to her 2012 wedding, Arlene Silver began working on creating a beautiful vision prior to the big day. For Silver that meant undergoing LipoFreeze at the Epione clinic in Beverly Hills, owned by Dr. Simon Ourian, reports the Daily Mail.

Entertainment Daily writes that what Silver got was far from what she expected:

“The injection site blew up to like a golf ball size, looked like a blood blister and it hurt really bad.”

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Silver continued:

“I was out of it. I couldn’t get out of my bed. I had no energy.

“And then… I was getting fitted for a white wedding dress and I had to wear this corset to compress everything but also guard it from blood or anything else oozing out into a white wedding dress. So it wasn’t fun.”

When her then-fiance, actor Dick Van Dyke, saw what happened to Silver, he was furious:

“When I finally saw the really horrible scars… I blew my top.

I became apoplectic. I’m not a violent person but when I first walked into that room I was ready to punch that guy out.”

When it came to Van Dyke's attention that Dr. Ourian was appearing on the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” TV show, he called Kris Jenner to warn her about what had happened to his now-wife, reports the Daily Mail:

'I'd like to warn your family that this man had not only been on probation but had done some real damage to my wife."'

Van Dyke goes on to state that not only did Jenner not “inquire any further” about what happened with his wife, she told him “Well, we're not using him anymore.”

Van Dyke clarified while nothing seems to have changed in terms of the doctor's show appearances, the actor remains steadfast in spreading a word of warning:

“But since that time he’s been on a lot of shows and is really promoting himself as a physician to the stars so I think it’s important to get this out.”

As part of that, Van Dyke and Silver shared their experience on “Crime Watch with Chris Harris.” The episode they appear in will air on Monday, September 19th.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

According to the Daily Mail, other celebrities who have used Dr. Ourain's services include Lady Gaga, Iggy Izalea, Miley Cyrus, and Sofia Vergara.