Kim Kardashian is finally returning to her home in California after spending some time away from the public eye with her husband, Kanye West, and their two children in New York City.

It's been five days since news broke that Kim was held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris, France, hotel while attending Paris fashion week. The masked robbers tied her arms and legs, gagged her, and put her in a bathtub before they made off with over $10 million of the reality star's jewelry.

Paparazzi were able to catch a glimpse of Kim leaving her New York City apartment, clutching her three-year-old daughter, North, close.

A source close to the Kardashian family tells ET that Kim was and still is “absolutely traumatized” after the robbery. Kim's two children reportedly have no idea what happened to their mother:

“She's very emotional. The scariest part for her throughout this experience is the fact that it could have been a lot worse, and she couldn’t imagine what that would have been like for her children. The kids have no idea what’s going on, thankfully.”

Yet, while she is still suffering from the traumatic experience, ET reports that Kim is doing everything she can to stay strong in front of her children. The source admits:

“She still gets emotional thinking about the incident. She tries not to cry in front of North, but it's been tough.”

The source also tells ET that the last thing on Kim's mind right now is getting back to work.

Image Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The 35-year-old is actually planning on take an undisclosed amount of time off from work in order to spend some quality time with North and her 10-month-old son, Saint:

“She needs a break from everything. Working and posting anything on social media is the last thing on her mind right now. She canceled her meetings and work commitments for this week.”

As for now, while Kim continues to lay low, production for their hit reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been shut down. It is unknown when or if the family will return to filming...or the public eye.

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