After years suffering from chronic and debilitating migraines, one woman was shocked when her doctors suggested she try a different kind of treatment— getting pregnant.

It was the kind of gamble that left her feeling skeptical about the chance of success. Then a pain-free week and a positive pregnancy test wiped away all of her doubts.

According to PopSugar, the woman in question suffered from hemiplagic migraines, a rare condition in which the headache is often accompanied by paralysis and serious neurological effects. As she explained in a Facebook post for Love What Matters, the migraines began when she was fourteen, and as she got older, the pain got worse:

“I had every day pain or serious neurological symptoms. For three years doctors tried to bring them under control. I was given dozens of medications, they tried Botox, nerve blocks and different diets. Nothing could stop them. Eventually only narcotics could slow them down enough that I was able to return to work.”

There was, however, one “treatment” she had never considered. Much to her surprise, her doctors began urging her to get pregnant. It was, they explained, a possible cure for her condition. She writes:

“They predicted that the hormones from a pregnancy could act as a 'reset' for my body. That it may stop the migraines completely.”

While her doctors didn't want her to undergo a hormone treatment that mimicked pregnancy, they suggested that she and her husband, “simply roll the dice.”

On December 23, 2015, her pain stopped and didn't return. At first, she says she was confused. Then a friend helped her realize why she was feeling so much better:

“I called my friend on my lunch break and told her I didn't know what was 'wrong'. I wasn't in pain. I hadn't been in pain. Her response was simple 'I bet you're pregnant.' I took a home pregnancy test and sure enough I was.”

The next doctor's appointment included another surprise for the expectant mom. Not only was she pregnant, but she was going to have twins.

Throughout her pregnancy, the mom-to-be remained pain-free.

She isn't the first mom to discover that pregnancy can come with miraculous results. One British mom even credits her pregnancy with “rebooting” her body after a stroke, and says her unborn son saved her life.

Even for mothers who aren't facing catastrophic circumstances, pregnancy can come with some surprising health benefits. According to Parents, pregnancy reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, reduces or eliminates menstrual cramps, and can lead to a healthier lifestyle in general.

After giving birth to a pair of beautiful and healthy twins, the newly-migraine-free mom was delighted to discover that her pain didn't come back. Now the proud mother of two-month-old girls, she says her babies have changed her life:

“My husband and I started calling our girls 'magical unicorn babies' while in utero. They gave me my life back. I no longer need a wheelchair for activities outside my home. I no longer have painful twitches in my arms, legs and head. My service dogs, who once were ready to catch me if I fell, are now finding themselves with a lot of free time.”

Most parents would call pregnancy a miracle, but for this mom, that description takes on an extra meaning:

“At one time I only had thirteen pain-free days over the course of three years. Next week I will celebrate three hundred days in a row pain-free.”

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