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No stories about Presidential candidates, conspiracy theory or otherwise, include coughing montages.  Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and the thousands of staffers and advisers that surround her, she is the exception.

As of this article's publishing, searching “Hillary Clinton Coughing Montage” returns 3,780 results on YouTube.

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There are over 506,000 results for “Hillary coughing montage” on YouTube. Many of the videos include the same clips. After compiling her coughing from a “complete timeline” by American Mirror, we found almost ten minutes of coughing over eight separate instances.

Why do people care so much?

Many believe her consistent coughing – especially throughout September – were symptoms of a woman with seriously declining health, making her unfit to be President.

The first red flag in this theory is simple: coughing is not a symptom for any of the diseases Secretary Clinton is rumored to have. Brain damage, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s disease, dementia – none of these have any direct correlation to coughing.

However, there are very valid reasons to be concerned about Clinton’s prior ailments. When she fainted in 2012, it was clearly defined as a serious concussion. Her doctor ordered her to get rest and work far less – a treatment that Hillary later told Diane Sawyer in 2014 that she begrudgingly accepted.

She also divulged to Sawyer that her concussion gave her poor vision. This is true and clearly confirmed by the special glasses she wore for a few months after the concussion.

After Clinton’s vision cleared up and she no longer showed any symptoms of post-traumatic stress, she visited the doctor one last time. It was then during an x-ray that the doctors realized Clinton had a life-threatening blood clot.

The lucky discovery very likely saved Clinton’s life and the clot was removed easily. There was only one side effect. Clinton must use blood thinners for the rest of her life. This is not terribly uncommon amongst people over 60, but still has raised the eyebrows of longtime Clinton health skeptics.

In late 2015, during the early stages of Clinton’s campaign, her doctor released a two-page letter advocating for Clinton’s good health, as is standard for any Presidential candidate.

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As the campaign dragged on, Clinton’s coughing became more frequent and pronounced. In the last year, several news publications have written articles about Hillary’s health, some highlighting the issues, others debunking the “conspiracy theory” altogether.

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Then, there were pickles.

It began with a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel, in which Hillary Clinton opened a pickle jar to show her strength. Numerous pundits pointed out there was no “pop” as she feigned the struggle to open it. The silliness of the conspiracy within a conspiracy helped to delegitimize the health concerns for Hillary.

Then, two individuals who showed concern for Hillary’s health, were immediately fired from their jobs.

First, Dr. Drew was let go from his 6-year show at HLN after talking about Hillary Clinton's health.

She’s receiving sort of 1950s level care... She’s had two clots... At a distance, it looks bizarre.

David Seaman, a right-leaning contributor to The Huffington Post posted two articles in one day, both showing concern for Hillary’s health. The damning article that ultimately got Seaman fired from HuffPost included a video that begins with Hillary’s “seizure moment.”

The video has been criticized for editing that moment by putting it on loop, so Clinton’s jerky head movement lasts four times as long.

Although the articles have since been removed, we have recovered the article in its entirety through the online Internet archive “The Wayback Machine.”

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Seaman’s article was fairly short, and he even acknowledged that Huffington Post may not appreciate the article.

“Look guys, I need to keep my job and platform. A lot of people read the Huffington Post and AOL properties. We all know what happens when you speak a little too much truth about the Establishment-beloved Clintons.”

Was Seaman hoping to get fired to stir up controversy, or did he write this paragraph to prove his point, knowing he would be “silenced by the mainstream media”?

In a video the next day, Seaman insists it was the latter.

One important distinction to make – while Seaman lost all access to Huffington Post, it’s unclear if he received any money for his posts. Many organizations allow freelance writers to contribute as often as they like but with no pay. So, to describe the situation as being “TERMINATED” may be a stretch.

Still, Seaman’s claim that the Clinton campaign is covering up her bad health found some validity less than two weeks later. On September 11th, Clinton fainted during a ceremony.

Many of the doubters immediately wrote articles completely contradicting their previous statements, including Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post.

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Although fainting is not an uncommon occurrence amongst the healthiest of Americans, many New Yorkers pointed out that it was a beautiful, 70-degree day in New York City, not oppressively hot as the Clinton campaign would later imply.

We spoke to Doctor and Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN), who pointed out that if Clinton had not been surrounded by the Secret Service, it’s very likely her faint could have earned her another concussion, leaving many to wonder if this could happen again without several hands inches away to hold her up.

Reports said that while the Secret Service requested to take Clinton to the hospital, she insisted on recovering that morning at her daughter’s Manhattan apartment.

She emerged less than two hours later, declaring it was a beautiful day, hugging a little girl, and ignoring all questions from the growing crowd – including the yells from “The Most Hated Man in America” Martin Skhreli, who was Periscoping the event from his phone.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 10.50.37 AM

The next day, the Clinton campaign explained that Secretary Clinton had been suffering from pneumonia, and would take a couple days off to recover.

In this time, many supporters spoke out in defense of Clinton. Most notably, her vice-presidential running mate Tim Kaine told a crowd that he had been on the trail for barely a month and was already feeling the wear and tear. Clinton, he said, had been on the trail for 18 months (it was actually 14).

When we interviewed Tracy Sefl, a senior adviser for the Ready for Hillary SuperPAC, she said simply that Hillary endured a ten-hour trial – how could someone get through that and be as ill as so many have suggested?

Further doubt about Hillary’s health was dispelled when the very same doctor that released a statement on Clinton’s health produced a much longer statement with further details, still emphasizing that Secretary Clinton was fit to serve as President.

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