The state of Alabama is currently facing a severe drought— and according to AOL, it “has no end in sight.”

Despite the burn ban on all Alabama counties, it was no surprise on Tuesday morning that Montgomery, Alabama firefighters had to respond to a grass fire.

What was a surprise, however, was that there was already somebody doing their job when they arrived on the scene— a man in a tractor. The fire was out and he was tilling the dirt to make sure it would stay out.

USA Today reports that the firefighters were very impressed:

“Those are your heroes out there,” one said. “We didn't do anything.”

However, there is little known about this hero beyond that his name is Tex.

Jackie Davis, a welder who was working in the area and may have caused the fire by accident, explains what happened:

“I was welding on (the container) trying to fix a hole in it. I guess sparks shot out while I was welding on the inside. I heard some snapping, popping and stuff.”

Luckily for Davis, Tex was near:

“That's all we know him as is Tex... He got that backhoe and went all the way around it and cut the fire off before it got started.”

After he was done, Tex simply drove off.

Tex isn't the first man to put out a fire with a tractor. Here's a video from 2013 of a Colorado man putting out a massive fire in his field by creating a barrier with his farm equipment...

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