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Miranda Lambert's new album, “The Weight of These Wings,” debuted November 18th. If you are expecting an album about the heartbreak of divorce, you are in for a surprise.

The artist tells Billboard in an interview, “I’m never gonna have an album that’s quote-unquote a 'heartbreak album.'”

But besides an occasional tease posted to her social media...

Lambert's talk about her album doesn't go much further.

According to a Lambert insider who spoke with the New York Post, Lambert is refusing to do any interviews on purpose, after watching how fellow singers — ex-husband Blake Shelton and his current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani — promoted theirs:

“She only wanted to do TV performances. She made them turn all of it down. She said, ‘Gwen’s and Blake’s albums didn’t sell, and all they did was do press.’ She’s trying to go Beyoncé and let the music do the talking.”


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Stefani's “This is What the Truth Feels Like” did debut at Billboard's top spot in March, but only sold 76,000 album units in the first week. Her last album debut in 2006 sold 243,000 in the first week.

The sales of Shelton's album, “If I'm Honest,” debuted at number one at the end of May and sold 153,000 in the first week, making it the best country album debut since Carrie Underwood's album, “Storyteller,” in 2015. The total units are down, however, from his last album, which sold 199,000 in the first week in 2013.

Regardless, Shelton dubbed it the “biggest week” of his career.

Lambert's rep didn't comment about the insider's information. The source also tells the New York Post:

“There are 24 songs on the record, and it’s all very intentional. . . what she put on there. ‘Pushin’ Time’ is about how she met [current boyfriend] Anderson. It’s really all laid out there. It’s similar to what Beyoncé did with ‘Lemonade.’ ‘Is this about Jay Z? Did she really do this?’ It’s really similar with all that’s been happening in the public eye. There’s that kind of fun game you do with Carly Simon. . . ‘Who’s this about?’ She’s writing about her life, and by not doing the interviews, she doesn’t have to explain anything, including the Blake situation.”

We will soon be able to tell if the strategy paid off.

Here's the latest single, “Keeper of the Flame,” that Lambert has shared to her YouTube channel...

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