“Married At First Sight” couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, as previously reported by Independent Journal Review, went from being overjoyed about having their first child to completely devastated when they learned Otis had miscarried at fourth months.

As a way to help cope, Otis has been sharing her emotional journey with fans over social media.

This October, in support of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Otis shared a deeply intimate picture of Hehner and her in the hospital with their baby that was born too soon...

Now, on what would have been the due date for baby Johnathan Edward, Otis has shared another picture taken during her pregnancy with an emotional message to her baby...

The post reads:

“'It wasn't my choice to survive without you. So I will spend my life living for you and honoring you.'” I was so happy to have you in my belly. I was 3 months pregnant with you in this photo ... little did I know a month later I'd lose you. The heartache since you left has been excruciating. Johnny, I can't help but think of what you'd look like if you were able to stay in there safe & sound & come to us like you were supposed to for Christmas. I'll always love & honor you. You're my angel baby. Even though we only met briefly & I only got to hold you & give you kisses once - I still miss you. I'll always, always love you."

And while the emotional pain has been “excruciating,” Otis has now been able to look to the future with hopes of welcoming “rainbow baby” to their family soon...

A rainbow baby is child born after a miscarriage. As Otis says to those struggling with fertility, “The path to mommy hood is not easy but if we stick together and keep supporting each other it makes the path a lot easier.”

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