L.A. Police Commission President Matthew Johnson (who happens to be African American himself) says that he has had enough of the harassment coming from local Black Lives Matter activists — particularly one man named Trevor Gerard.

According to Johnson, Gerard has stalked him and threatened him — appearing at board meetings, Johnson's private law office, and even his family's home.

Fox News reported:

Johnson said in court papers that he had been stalked and threatened by the Black Lives Matter leader. He charged that at various board meetings Gerard had mouthed threats, including “I am going to beat your a—” and “I am going to f——— kill you.”

The official said that in recent weeks Gerard went looking for him at his private law office and family home. Johnson said police detained Gerard in front of his house.

On December 19th, a group of activists (including Gerard) staged a demonstration in front of Johnson's private residence — just two days after several of them had gained access to his law offices.

Johnson requested a temporary restraining order against Gerard, claiming: “The conduct and threats by [Gerard] put me in fear of harm to myself, my family and my co-workers when [he] is near.”

The order prevents Gerard from coming within 100 yards of Johnson — but Gerard says it's politically motivated. LA Weekly reported:

Gerard, 35, says the commission president deliberately took statements and actions of his out of context in retaliation for Black Lives Matter L.A.'s confrontational style of activism. “I never told him that he should be afraid of me,” Gerard tells L.A. Weekly. “I never told him to meet me outside. I never threatened him with any kind of physical violence."

“The people who sit on the commission board largely have acted as a rubber-stamp body for the extreme levels of violence that LAPD has been engaging in,” Gerard says of the impetus for the decision to protest at commissioners' homes and businesses. “And they have become too comfortable with the way that we're forced to engage them in that meeting space, which is in the LAPD headquarters itself.”

Gerard, who has regularly attended police commission meetings and routinely refers to Johnson as “houseboy,” is set to appear in court on January 10th.

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