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On Sunday morning, social media buzzed with comments about a few notable events from New Year's Eve.

First, Mariah Carey made headlines with an apparent flubbed musical number — which her team then blamed on the team at 'New Year's Rockin Eve.'

Then, video circulated of CNN's Don Lemon getting his ear pierced on live television...among other things.

America wasn't terribly impressed:

But it was Lemon's former CNN colleague, Soledad O'Brien, who really ripped into him for his drunken antics:

And O'Brien wasn't alone in her feelings:

There were a few who thought O'Brien might have gone a little overboard in her criticism:

However, O'Brien didn't stop with Lemon — she also threw shade on the feud between MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and former CNN reporter Sopan Deb:

O'Brien has been quite critical of her former network, slamming them on air for “giving time to white supremacists” and using her social media presence to take aim at former colleagues.

And as for Lemon, Mediaite reports that his drunkenness may have been “overplayed”: “According to sources at the scene, Lemon did not drink during breaks and only tossed back the ones we saw on live TV.”

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