Fourteen-year-old Grace Packer went missing from her Pennsylvania home in July 2016. Her adoptive mother said they had an argument and Grace left with $300 cash.

By September, still without word from their daughter, the Packer family and police believed Grace had run away.

However, according to CBS News, on October 31, 2016, the truth as to Grace's whereabouts were sadly revealed when two hunters stumbled across her dismembered remains in Luzerne County Park, more than 100 miles from her home.

That's when the Packer family's knowledge of Grace's supposed disappearance started coming to light.

According to a timeline by, which was created based on the prosecutor's information and court documents, Grace's adoptive mom, 41-year-old Sara Packer, and boyfriend, 44-year-old Jacob Sullivan, allegedly began plotting to kill Grace in late 2015 after the teen returned from living with a relative in North Carolina.

Grace was last seen in public at a family picnic on July 4, 2016. Four days later, Sullivan allegedly raped Grace in front of her mother; she was given pills, bound and gagged, and left to die in the attic of the family's home.

When Sullivan found her still alive a day later, he reportedly killed Grace by suffocating her. Two days later, Grace was reported missing. It wasn't until mid-October, reports, that Grace's dismembered remained were moved to Luzerne County Park.

Meanwhile, according to CBS News, following her daughter's disappearance, authorities had difficulty contacting Packer throughout the month of August. In September, they learned that Grace and her 12-year-old biological brother, who was also adopted by Packer, had been withdrawn from their school. Investigators then learned that Packer had moved to another town, and that Grace and her brother were supposedly enrolled in school there.

CBS Philly reports that although she reported Grace as missing, Packer took two months to provide photos of her daughter to police. She also continued cashing Grace's $700 monthly social security checks despite her daughter's disappearance.

According to, in late December, two months after hunters found her body, prosecutors disclosed that Grace's remains had been found and that the case was being treated as a homicide.

Days later, Packer and Sullivan attempted to commit suicide by ingesting prescription pills. They were found by a woman living with them and taken to the hospital where Sullivan allegedly confessed to murdering Grace to staff and later police.

In a statement, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub describes the plot to kidnap and murder Grace as “part of a sick rape-murder fantasy.” He says:

“Unfortunately, Grace Packer was a disposable child to these people.”

Sara Packer is being charged with homicide and related offenses in the murder of her daughter. Sullivan was arraigned by a district court judge on charges of homicide, rape, kidnapping, and related offenses. Both are being held without bail.

CBS News reports that the DA states that this case could be considered for capital murder charges, which carries a mandatory life sentence.

In another disturbing revelation, Lehigh Valley Live reports that Packer was an adoption supervisor with the Northampton County's Department of Human Services from 2003 until she was suspended without pay in 2010.

According to the article, it does not appear as though Packer adopted Grace through the Northampton County DHS, but it is reported that Packer took Grace in as a foster child when she was three years old and later adopted her.

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