During his confirmation hearing for Attorney General Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said he would not support a law that banned individuals of the Muslim faith from entering the United States.

When South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, asked Sessions if he would “support a law that says you can’t come to America because you’re a Muslim?” Sessions simply said, “No.”

Graham followed up, asking Sessions if he would support a law that restricts entry to the U.S. based on terrorist ideology, such a Muslim who also wants to “kill everybody that’s different” from them, to which Sessions replied:

“I think that would be a prudent decision.”

“I hope we can keep people out of the country who wanna kill everybody because of their religion,” Graham added. “I hope we’re smart enough to know that that’s not what most people in the Muslim faith believe.”

“I can be that person,” Sessions responded.

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Anonymous(9 likes)Islam is a religion of peace. The suicide bombings, burning people alive, beheading, rape, child marriages, comparing women to animals, pouring acid on women, and the killing and raping of children. All of this is done in the name of peace.To achieve their goal, the radical Islamists employ both hostile as well as peaceful methods.Because of this, we can no longer afford to “split the pot” with everyone who wants a piece, especially with “migrants” from the Middle East. It’s too risky. America is struggling enough as it is. Most of us are making below living wage and just had our health insurance forcefully taken away. My healthcare is up to $400 per month; compare this to my $25/month car insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $13/month renters insurance. Both private enterprise (take note, Obama).  Do we really want our tax dollars aiding these terrorists?Through building terror networks and committing acts of terror throughout the free world, Islamists call attention to their cause while inflicting untold damage and horror to Western sensibilities and intimidate into silence those who would oppose them.Their "peaceful" means there are very few individuals who are aware of and are openly fighting this agenda. Fewer yet are Muslims. include mass immigration to infiltrate our societies, as well as funding the sending of fanatical Imams from the hotbed of their radical societies, like Saudi Arabia, to teach, preach and convert as many as they can to their harsh interpretation of the Sharia (Islamic law). Hardened criminals are converted to Islam by Imams who arrive at their prison cells to win them over and convert them, and later build for them special communities, from where they can channel their aggressive energies to destroy Western society.Compounding the danger is the fact that a significant and growing percentage of Muslims are increasingly identifying with the extreme and repugnant ideologies espoused by Islam's most radical elements. With its high birthrate and its aggressive recruitment efforts, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. In Europe, for example, Muslims already represent 20% or more of the population, and Islamic propaganda assures its faithful that by the year 2050, Muslims will be the largest segment of the European population. All this makes the threat posed by radical Islam all the more frightening. These jihads must be stopped, Islamic extremists must be stopped, but Obama won't turn his back against his brotherhood, he does on America. A man who sheds tears for child gun victims, but not the victims of abortions.
Jeff(5 likes)This is not the whole statement. I watched the hearings and while he said we should not ban entrance based on being Muslim he did say we need to stop immigrants from countries having Islamic terrorist problems without enhanced vetting: the same position as Donald Trump.  We need to everything in our power to keep these scumbags out.  My dogs are more civilized then these Isis pos.
Kathy Tscheiner(3 likes)I agree with him except I do hope the vet them thoroughly.  True that most Muslims are good people; but anyone coming into this country whether Muslim, Asian or any other country should be vetted.  People were never allowed to just walk into this country until recently.  They need to do their due diligence.