Note: the social media posts in this article contain foul language that may offend some readers.

Since she began appearing regularly on “Outnumbered” on Fox News, Meghan McCain has gotten a fair bit of attention — but it was something she said on Twitter that drew the ire of Emmy-nominated “Billy on the Street” host Billy Eichner...

McCain, after listening to Meryl Streep's thinly-veiled anti-Trump Golden Globes speech, tweeted:

Eichner quickly responded:

But McCain didn't take it sitting down:

And Eichner doubled down:

And tripled down, taking aim both at McCain...

...and millions of Trump voters to boot:

And then he retreated to his “bubble”:

It got so uncomfortable that fellow television talker Montel Williams jumped in, trying to smooth things over:

Yet, Eichner couldn't resist one last, parting shot:

McCain walked away from the dust-up with a parting shot of her own:

But it wasn't just Eichner — McCain received more than her fair share of hate from other sources as well:

She seemed to take it in stride, saying only this: “Been doing this my whole life, think sending me nasty tweets all day and writing nasty crap is gonna stop me from doing my job? Hilarious.”

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Robin Westergaard Jones(11 likes)you know, years ago, I was at a book signing, and a well known personality who I adored was signing his book.  I am disabled, he made fun of me then, and I bet, many celebrities have done the same thing, someone who is different scares people, and they make fun of the person or ignore the person.  I am sure Ms Streep doesn't not live in a glass house, nor does this billy person.  The bottom line is, Ms Streep was there to accept an award, not spout off political garbage, go to a protest to do that, at an awards ceremony, say thank you to those you need to thank, and then get off the stage so other people can receive their awards, she was very inconsiderate and rude to others
Freda Beach Walker(11 likes)Thanks so much Billy for calling me an idiot moron. I live with someone with disabilities everyday. My husband was in Beirut Lebanon when they bombed the Marine barracks. He has PTSD, TBI, seizures, nightmares and flashbacks. He has had facial reconstruction, hearing loss, hand reconstruction, knee replacement and eyesight problems. All for your right to call me a moron idiot. He has seen babies and women in mass graves with their heads smashed in my the oh so not violent people like Islam. Also a priest crucified for trying to help women and children. While people like you say this stuff doesn't happen. Even Teddy Kennedy called him a liar even with the pictures that proved it. He makes very little on VA Disability while people like you make tons of money making fun of people and calling my husband a baby killer and spitting in his face. He is a Marine and he has more man in his little finger than you do in your whole body. A comedian huh? I'll keep my Marine and wonder how we will get by. By the way the reporter you speak doesn't move his hands in the manner that Trump did. He has alimony hand. That story has been proven wrong. Trump uses that mannerism in a lot of his speeches. Thank you to all veterans. You make real Americans proud. 
Paul Kopacko(10 likes)he didn't win because he made fun of a disabled person. he won because hillary was such a bad choice on the part of the Democrat leadership. Hell, she barely won the rigged primary against a looney Communist!