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Several reporters and editors couldn’t keep their emotions in check on Tuesday night as President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago.

The hardest hit news outlet had to be BuzzFeed. Several of the website’s editors tweeted out their crying confessions.

BuzzFeed News executive culture editor Saeed Jones was hit hard. Formation tour hard.

BuzzFeed senior editor Lara Parker wondered if the tears would ever cease.

BuzzFeed editor Elamin Abdelmahmoud couldn't stop the floodgates from opening.

He even was moved to recite poetry...

BuzzFeed News' Joel D. Anderson offered a trifecta of sadness over Obama's departure.

BuzzFeed's celeb editor Kristin Harris was left searching for answers.

BuzzFeed senior editor Kev Smith is just sad.

Everyone, including BuzzFeed pop culture writer Sylvia Obell, is crying.

So much “crine” from BuzzFeed editor Tanya Chen.

Even BuzzFeed's main site couldn't help but shed a few tears for outgoing President Obama.

It was all just “tew much” for Huffington Post front page editor Phillip Lewis...

You can watch some of Obama's farewell address below:

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