During an interview with People Magazine five months ago, TLC star Kate Gosselin explained why her son Collin was missing from the cover photo of the September 5, 2016 issue.

As she explains, the 12-year-old was absent because he was spending some time away at a special school that would “better suit his needs.”

Gosselin explained the situation in detail:

“Collin has special needs. [There's] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things. This has been a struggle we've had for a very long time, and it's one I've dealt with on my own. I've felt very alone in this. By the same token, it's not something that has only impacted me or him – our entire family has been impacted.”

The program, she said, was designed to help Collin “learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be.”

However, the decision to send Collin away for help has been at the forefront of the most recent feud between Gosselin and her ex-husband, Jon.

The father of eight told ET Online that his ex-wife refused to tell him and their other children where she had sent the tween. Jon elaborated by saying, “no one knows where [Collin] is”:

"I have an idea where he is but I don't really know where he is. Kate says that Collin is in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems.”

He went on to say that despite what Kate had told him about his son’s whereabouts, law enforcement officials told him otherwise.

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The dad claimed that it had been at least a year-and-a-half since he'd seen his son and since Kate removed Collin — without consulting her ex-husband — from the private school he had previously been attending.

At that point in time, Collin had yet to appear on the current season of TLC's “Kate Plus 8.” Now, all of that has changed.

During the show's January 10th episode, Collin is seen participating in family game night:


Collin didn't appear to participate much during family game night, nor did he have much to say when he appeared in a joint interview with his two brothers, Joel and Aaden.

As ET reports:

“With the exception of a sentence or two about playing trivia, Collin didn't have much to say during the interview and let his siblings do most of the talking.”

It is still unknown if Collin is home for good, or if he was only visiting with his family when this specific episode was shot.


During the episode, Kate never mentions Collin's subtle return.

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