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Johnny Manziel was once one of the most anticipated rookies to be drafted to the National Football League.

While he was the quarterback at Texas A&M University, Manziel was awarded the Heisman Trophy for his dominance and hard work on the field.

In fact, he was the first true freshman to be awarded the prestigious honor.

The Cleveland Browns drafted the young QB in the first round - but he never panned out as a successful player and was cut last season.

Manziel played 14 games for the Browns in the 2014 and 2015 seasons, throwing a total of seven touchdowns and seven interceptions - mediocre even for Cleveland standards.

But “Johnny Football” has always been overshadowed by his off-field antics.

Highland Park Police

While in the NFL, he was constantly seen partying and drinking and he has even been accused of domestic abuse.

Now, the 24-year-old former great is completing his fall from grace by charging money for taking pictures and signing autographs at the upcoming Super Bowl, which will be held in Houston.

According to Stadium Signatures, a memorabilia store, Manziel will charge $99 to sign any item, plus $29 extra if you want him to write a special inscription up to four words.

There will also be a $99 fee for a “professional” photograph.

And get this—selfies taken with your camera or cell phone will cost you a whopping $50.

To some, this may come as no surprise. After all, Manziel's been known as “Money Manziel.”

His signature move on the field was making money signs with his fingers:

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According to a store manager who spoke to ESPN, there is quite a lot of interest in the expensive photo-op, despite Manziel's untimely departure from the NFL:

“We've gotten calls from younger fans, A&M fans and people who are Heisman Trophy collectors.”

The former quarterback had once been awarded an $8.25 million contract to play the sport professionally.

But come February, he'll be selling selfies in order to hold on to his fleeting popularity.

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