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Dr. David Shulkin has been chosen to serve as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday during his first press conference following his November election victory.

Trump said of Shulkin:

“He's fantastic. He will do a truly great job. ... We're going to fix the VA for our veterans. I've been promising that for a long time.”

Trump also added that Shulkin was chosen among more than 100 other candidates.

In a statement following the press conference, Trump called Shulkin "an incredibly gifted doctor who is using his elite talents for medicine to care for our heroes, and Americans can have faith he will get the job done right.”

The nominee also called the appointment an “honor,” adding:

"President-elect Trump's commitment to caring for our veterans is unquestionable, and he is eager to support the best practices for care and provide our Veterans Affairs’ teams with the resources they need to improve health outcomes. We are both eager to begin reforming the areas in our Veterans Affairs system that need critical attention, and do it in a swift, thoughtful and responsible way.”

Shulkin, who is serving as the Under Secretary for Health with the VA, previously served in executive roles at several hospitals. He was also the President and CEO of New York City's Beth Israel Medical Center from 2005 to 2009. In his current role, he leads a system that serves 8.76 million veterans each year, according to the VA.

Shulkin is one of the last cabinet appointees to be nominated. The only secretary left to nominate will be for the Department of Agriculture.

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