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As the Senate hearings drew to a close for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions — President-elect Trump's selection for Attorney General — Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond (D) took the podium to address the committee.

After a brief interruption from a protester, Richmond began to speak — but instead of presenting his concerns with the nominee, he instead began by addressing his concerns regarding the order in which people were asked to testify.

Richmond expressed outrage that a Civil Rights hero like John Lewis (D, GA) would be scheduled to testify near the end of the hearings, saying that it was no different than “telling him to sit at the back of the bus.”

America was quick to respond:

Of course, there were a few who cheered Richmond:

Richmond claimed that Senator Sessions “could not be trusted” to uphold the voting rights act or to approach the justice system in an equal manner, even claiming at one point during his testimony that “res ipsa loquitur” — Sessions' record “speaks for itself.”

He made no mention of Sessions' tenure as a US Attorney and Attorney General of Alabama, during which time he actively prosecuted members of the KKK, securing the death penalty for some, and essentially leveraging the group out of existence in his state by burying them in legal fees and penalties.

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