Van Jones came to national prominence as President Barack Obama's “Green Jobs Czar” during his first term.

He was forced to leave the job when he was outed in 2009 as a “radical” and 'revolutionary' and 9/11 'Truther.'

Even though Jones is a true believer in President Obama's mission of uniting the country — as he paraphrased one of the president's best-known speeches, “no black America, no white America, no red states, no blue states,” — he now says he's disappointed in the state of race relations in America.

Jones says Obama has failed in bringing the country together:

“All the speeches and all the tears did not bring us together. We now enter 2017 as the divided states of America. Divided by region and divided by race. The big question: Can Donald Trump succeed where Obama failed?”

Jones, who went from the Obama White House to a job as a CNN guest commentator and now the host of his own show, “The Messy Truth,” concluded that it's not the job of government to solve race problems, and the task should be left to individuals to sort out.

Jones added that presidents “cannot heal our deepest wounds.”

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Steve(29 likes)o'bama said he wanted to "fundamentally change" (destroy) the USA. That's want Van Jones was hoping for and thus Jones is mad that o'bama didn't do as a "messiah" ought to do. (but o'bama isn't gone yet and he's still trying to do what he can to sabotage the US. He'll also continue, with the help of Soros, to do it after he's booted out)
IntegrityImportant(25 likes)Van Jones's comment that people should solve the race problem among themselves just won't happen on its own.  It is difficult to have an open discussion with minorities as they take offense at almost anything one says.  I recently read an article taking "Blue Bloods" to task for having a black criminal.  Huh?  There are no black criminals?  All criminals have to be depicted as either Russian or white?  This emphsizes how convoluted some minorities see "race."  The author ended her article with plain ole ageism by saying that no one under the age of 60 watched the show.  Obama wasted 8 years by commenting on shootings before all information was out there, by not defending the police after shootings and by having Black Lives Matter to the White House.  He could have made a difference and didn't.  
Chuck Burns(25 likes)Van Jones, good speech. Yes it is up to us, We the People. First stop with the Politically correct Saul Alinsky divisionist rhetoric. Stop with the neighborhood organizer divisionist rhetoric. Your speech started so well, I was listening and then you brought up Jeff Sessions and racisim. There you go again. Read about Jeff Sessions. Read about the truth. Sessions is not a racist. Sessions was not a suppoter of the KKK. read about What he did and read what the civil rights lawyers stated. Read about what the Black Civil Rights lawyers stated. Sessions helpped them. Van Jones you are part of the problem. You and the disingenuous Democrat racists we watched lie during the Sessions hearing. The end justifies the means is your belief and your method. Your speech started out so well...And then you showed us your true colors!