There has been an enormous, brutal argument between the media and the administration about the size of Donald Trump's Inauguration crowd. The administration has pushed back on media reports that it was sparsely attended. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer leveled a full-throated attack against the press for reporting on the attendance, calling Trump's Inauguration the “most-watched” in history.

This image went viral, comparing the attendance of both Inaugurals. It has since been proven misleading, at best.

While the public may never know the true numbers, CNN has since released the most high quality image of the Inauguration to date. It is an enormous photo of the event taken from the press riser called a Gigapixel. One can zoom in on the photo with incredible detail. Look at how I can find George W. Bush, somehow staring directly into the camera in his poncho:

He is magical.

You can take a photo of the stage this wide...

...and zoom in on Hillary's face this close.

You can zoom in on Congresswoman Rosa Di Lauro looking miserable.

Trey Gowdy sporting his poncho to incredible effect.

And Cathy McMorris Rodgers as a Sith Lord.

But since the size of the crowd was the point of controversy, you can spin the camera the other direction.

Again, you can zoom in with incredible accuracy to find people staring intensely & playing on their phone.

But since it was the back of the audience that was in question, let's go there:







The above photo is all the way back to two blocks away from the base of the Washington Monument. That is a distance of approximately 1 mile.

Why do I care? Well here I am in the photo, doing a Facebook live stream for 10+ million of our viewers here at IJR.

From where I was standing, the event looked massive. I know people have different perspectives and certainly some in my profession do not think very highly of President Trump. But let the fact be the facts. There were many tens of thousands of people who attended Trump's Inauguration, in spite of cold, rain and riots.

The media should at the very least show them respect.

All photos via CNN Gigapixel.

EDITORS NOTE: Twitter pointed out that the audience was not at the literal “base” of the Washington Monument, but actually two blocks ahead of the monument.

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@GinaLasseigne(102 likes) Open Letter to the Media: We see you!Every single reporter who has been in front of a camera since Saturday is complaining, some more than others, that Press Sec. Sean Spicer should not be addressing something so trivial as crowd size.Newsflash: Spicer is not making a big deal about crowd size....he made a big deal about media bias and deliberate misrepresentation of truth with alternative facts. Alternative facts are truths based on perspective. It is a real term/concept. I am a Jane Doe-nobody and I can see that. Views from different perspectives often offer different, even opposing, stories.....both may be arguably true, but also often lack whole picture. Sean Spicer did not overreact. Initial portrayal of inaugural attendance by top media outlets absolutely sought to convince us that "Obama's was better than Trump's" and to "diminish the enthusiasm" of public support of the President of the United States of America. The photos that were used to portray the comparison were carefully selected to produce the result they were seeking. We see you, dear media. We hear each carefully rehearsed "slip of the tongue", as well. "Hitlerian"....seriously??? The ridiculous content could fill a book.What Spicer made a big deal about is absolutely A BIG DEAL. HE WAS RIGHT TO DO SO. A better idea may have been to put Kellyanne on that task...but that's another topic.What was done IS a big deal; and the WH press did the American public a YUGE favor by starting off on the very RIGHT foot. By RIGHT, I do not mean GOP. I do not mean RIGHT to be a partisan term. I do not mean Right vs. Left. Truth does not have a partisan affiliation. Sean Spicer was RIGHT to let the swamp know that deception will not be tolerated by the White House, and, by extension, the American public. Fair warning to the media....leave your bias at home. Report facts and truth. Stop trying to tell us what to think. The vast majority of us can do that for ourselves. We proved that on Nov 8, 2016.We all know that media majority seeks to portray Trump in a negative light. The same reporter who singed his fingertips in his race to fire up Twitter with his claim that the MLK bust was gone was the same reporter who brazenly tried to make MLK, III take a racists view of current events. His transparent and YELLOW tactics are an embarrassment to himself and his profession. He simply cannot convince anyone with any level of rational thought that he made an honest mistake. The facts give him away. It was said that he couldn't see the bust because someone was standing in front of it, blocking his view, perhaps even a door. Simple logic also tells us that this would have also blocked his view of the surface of the tabletop where the bust sits. Later, he tries the flimsy excuse of saying that he simply could not see the bust from his vantage point. By his own account, the fact that he could not see that the bust was sitting on the table ALSO proves that he could not see that the bust was NOT sitting on the table. Therefore, he does NOT qualify for the "honest mistake" pass. Despite not even being able to see anything other than a person standing in the crowded Oval Office, this reporter RAN to the public with a message that the new President removed the icon of civil rights from the command center of our nation as fast as he could. Meanwhile, people are wailing in the streets because they have been convinced that President Trump intends to harm them. The only result that is illegitimate about this past campaign and election season is the mass hysteria that has infected large segments of our population. The majority of the media is largely responsible for 99% of the illegitimate mass hysteria that is disrupting and impeding democracy in our country.Right now, at this moment, I am listening to a reporter pose a question to Sean Spicer that includes the statement, "since Trump has met with athletes and celebrities, but he has not met with any civil rights leaders.....", and I just shake my head. This lady is either grossly incompetent or she is just a blatant liar. Why is this happening in the WH press room??? Why is her seat being wasted??? Why is our nation's Press Secretary's time being wasted with this??? This garbage is coming from the same press pool who has the audacity to call Spicer a liar and demand that he promise never to lie to them again. Last night I listened to another one report on the new plan to add a couple of Skype passes to the briefing room. He called it, "clearly an intent to dilute..." How vile!! Does he think that "pure" and "unfiltered" news can only come from those already in attendance??? Is he threatened by additional links to the public?? If so, why???The bullies have had free run of the schoolyard for so long that it will take the brashness and boldness and tenacity of Team Trump to clear it. I am not sure I envy them, but I certainly applaud them and I offer them my gratitude and my prayers. Godspeed, Team Trump, for you very well may be the "chosen" ones. Godspeed.(thoroughly enjoyed this article, Thank you.
@GOPMike(33 likes)Thank you but the real issue is not whether Obama had a few more or Trump.  The issue was the disingenuous attempt to show photos early in the day as how many were there.  And I also think into today's social media savvy world more people were 'watching' either live or in some streaming media.
Richard Herron(29 likes)I am glad that there are some journalists out there that seek the truth. It is refreshing to see some honesty. I dont think the news medias will ever recover from being politically motivated to attack one party, and coddle the other. At least you are aware that it happens, so thats a start.